Was Jane Russell a Dog Lover?

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Since Hollywood bombshell Jane Russell passed away yesterday, the Internet has been full of reminiscences. My favorite: A joke at the height of her popularitywent, "Culture is the ability to describe Jane Russell without movingyour hands."

Surprisingly, it'stough to locate any informationabout howthis movie iconfelt about dogs. She was no Jack LaLanne - i.e., a celebrity renowned forloving dogs and making numerous public appearances with a K9. As far as I can tell, she never co-starred with a dog.

ButRussell was photographed once snuggling up close with a sweet little fluffy pup. This adorable publicity shot was up for sale on eBay a while back.Put it this way: If she didn't like dogs, thenthe photois proof thatRussell wasn't a bad actor!

If anyone has information on Ms. Jane Russell and whether or not she ever had dogs, please dish in the comments.

Meanwhile, who are the top five iconic Dogsters of the silver screen? Here are a few Hollywoodleading menwho didn't mind appearing with a hound or two by their side.

1. Gary Cooper -Titled his autobiography "Please Don't Shoot My Dog"

2. Humphrey Bogart - The tough-looking legend was a fan of tough-looking Boxers

3. Jimmy Stewart - Famously penned a poem about his Golden Retriever (watch him read it here)

4. Sidney Poitier - Gave a great performance in the dog movie "Goodbye, My Lady"

5. Clint Eastwood -Although extremely dog-allergic,he bravelyshared his bedwith dogs in "Tightrope"

Pleasename your favorite mutt-loving movie stars in the comments!


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