Video: This English Bulldog REALLY Watches TV

 |  Aug 26th 2010  |   0 Contributions


Is this English Bulldog the cutest couch potato ever?! She adores Family Guy -- which is mesmerizing her in the above video -- and even has a favorite character (Brian). "She doesn't wanna get bothered while the show is on," her loving owner writes on the video's YouTube page. That certainly is clear from the look she gave the videographer toward the end of the video.

Do your dogs have favorite TV shows, Dogsters? Jake has seen every episode of I Love Lucy at least 10 times, thanks to my Lucy-loving daughter, and each time he is less interested. At first he would watch each one attentively, now he just falls asleep. He has probably memorized every word and no longer feels challenged...

(A big thank you to Dogster reader Bonnie Dean for sending me this hilarious little clip!)


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