Video: Doga (Dog Yoga)

 |  Mar 30th 2010  |   11 Contributions

Dogs may be naturals at yoga, launching into the Downward Dog any time they feel like stretching, and going right into a flat-on-their-back Savasana when hoping for a belly rub. But formal yoga classes involving dogs? I know people who do this, but this video of a Doga class in Seattle is the first time I've witnessed one of these classes in action.

Ommmmmmmmm my!

These are some really relaxed dogs! Is it the Doga that does it, or did these dogs meet for a hound happy hour before class? If my dog Jake had been there, this video would have had a little more action, which is not necessarily a good thing. From what I've been reading, dogs who go to these classes get used to the relaxed vibe and become more mellow in class over time.

If you're interested in pursuing dog yoga with your dog, just type "doga" or "dog yoga" into your favorite search engine and you'll come up with page after page of how-to's, videos, and guides to local classes.

A big thank-you to Dogster team member John Williams for cluing me in to the world of Doga. Namaste!


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