Vet Blog Recommends: Growing Up Guide Pup

 |  Aug 14th 2010  |   2 Contributions

I am a huge fan of assistance and therapy animals.

Every animal companion provides its owner with health and emotional benefits, but guide dogs are in a league of their own. An incredible amount of training and effort go into the development of every guide dog. A great deal of that work is done by volunteers.

My friend and co-worker Amie is one such volunteer. She currently is raising her tenth guide dog puppy, named Ricki. I have had the pleasure of watching Ricki grow and learn over the last several months.

You, too, can watch Ricki grow and learn. Amie and her husband Matt produce a video series for YouTube entitled Growing Up Guide Pup. Each week they post a fascinating (and well made) segment that describes Ricki's week. There are 26 segments so far.

If you watch the series you will learn a great deal about the intense process of turning a wiggly puppy into a highly trained guide dog. You'll also be thoroughly entertained. I strongly recommend it.

Here's the link:


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