The Dog Can't Come?

 |  Nov 21st 2008  |   12 Contributions

Recently I posted an article on tips for traveling with your dog(s) over the holidays.

Whether traveling by land or air, the American Humane Society provided us with helpful information on ways to minimize stress for your pet.

Today's focus is on what happens when you arrive at your destination, how to be the perfect doggy guest. If you have family or friends who are kind enough to invite the entire family, four-legged buddies included, it's important to make sure you prepare for your stay.

To get help on this subject I went to the owner of a dog friendly B&B, I figure she's seen it all. Martha who owns Ponder Cove, a beautiful B&B in the North Carolina mountains, was kind enough to give me a few minutes of her time to share some great tips.

So, let's get shakin' and make this a very successful holiday season. I will attempt to lay out the perfect formula to make you the best house guest ever with Bowser in tow.

1) Make sure Bowser gets a bath. He will shed less while being a guest and he certainly will smell better.

2) Make sure you pack Bowser's much needed supplies in an appropriate box. I own the big Rubbermaid tubs that I buy from Target. Mine are the size of my dog crates. So, when we arrive it is stored on top of the crate. A tidy guest makes a happy host.

3) Make sure you have the much needed supplies.

a) Blanket or sheet to cover bed if Bowser is a bed buddy.

b) Food.

c) Bottled water. (It can be from your tap but it will prevent stomach problems if your dog is sensitive and used to your tap water)

d) Water bowl. Hosts hate being asked for kitchen bowls. It is just not sanitary.

e) If you use canned food...bring the can opener.

f) Place mat for water and food bowls.

4) Make sure you take the crate if he is crate trained. He or she will settle much better on arrival in his own bedroom versus a strange house.

5) Make sure Bowser is comfortable in the car before the journey. Give him plenty of room. Take along his favorite blanket and allow him to settle in nicely.

Martha has six more helpful tips, and a funny story of how she was once a guest with her dogs and broke every rule possible. Grab your leash and run on over to Ponder Cove to check out the rest of the list and what not to do when you're a guest.

If any Dogsters have a funny guest story give me a bark.


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