Thank You Dogsters

 |  Oct 19th 2009  |   13 Contributions


I cannot start today without a special note to all the Dogsters out there.

Losing Logan was obviously devastating to us, he was such a special boy. I posted the tribute because I was so overcome with sadness I needed to get the words out, I never expected the overwhelming response I received. Horst and I cannot thank you all enough for the wonderful and heartfelt comments that were left. The poems, stories, and words of sympathy are appreciated more than I could possibly express. Dogsters truly are the best, you guys are amazing.

Anyone who has loved and lost a dog knows the heartache, the devastating feeling of loss. Logan only started having issues a few weeks earlier, we had been running every conceivable test but nothing was coming back conclusive, until that final day. From start to finish, two weeks, never even saw it coming. The hardest part, as I've expressed, is losing a dog who had finally overcome so much and had learned to enjoy life.

Over the weekend we had our ups and downs, but ultimately we have decided to move forward. After all, without sorrow there can be no joy. We are looking at a 5-year-old Berner girl who is in exactly the same place as Logan was when we got him, scared of everyone and everything. This time going forward we know what we're getting into, what it will take to try and save her. It won't be easy but we think this is the best way of honoring Logan.

So, the journey begins again.


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