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 |  May 7th 2007  |   12 Contributions

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Teddi Sue is still missing. Somebody knows something and we all want to get Teddi Sue home. It takes about three minutes to sign this petition. So no excuses gang; let's get those 1000 signatures so the local TV station will feel compelled to run the story!

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Debbie wrote:
Teddi Sue is Still Missing. We have started a petition in hopes the local TV station will cover her Story. We are emailing our poor little paws to death trying to get help for D'ann!!Here is the link to the petition:

And Zack barked in this update:

I checked this A.M. there are only about half of the signatures that TEDDI SUE needs. Please Please if you have not signed the petition can you do it now? It only takes a few minutes to try to help D'Ann out in finding her Teddi Sue.
Please go to her petition site.

Also could you please ask your family and friends to sign also.Please! Please!
Thank you Zack

Here's what the petition says:

This petition is a plea from the members of the Dogster.com community for news coverage of Teddi Sue's disapearance and the search D'ann Lally is doing to recover her.


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