Talk About a Dog With a Chewing Problem...

 |  Mar 15th 2010  |   32 Contributions

Maybe if the bulldog in this story had been given some indestructable chew toys, like this one was, we wouldn't be writing about the dog's tales of destruction. Nah, probably not. (Photo: Bee's Knees Images)

You think your dog's chewing is destructive?

Don't talk to Nancy Emerling, of Chattanooga, Tenn. Her bulldog made four cars -- as in real-deal automobiles -- into chew toys this weekend. And two of the cars happened to be police cars.

This is how the Chattanooga Times Free Press described one of the incidents:

One of the two chewed police cars/chew toys

While running radar at 1410 Workman Road, Officer Clayton Holmes reported he felt his car shaking and upon investigating he found the bulldog chewing on his patrol car, said Officer Rebecca Royval, police department spokeswoman. The dog reportedly chewed two tires and the entire front bumper off the car, she said.

Police used pepper spray and a Taser to stop the attacks on one of the cars, but the dog kept on tearing at the auto. Finally, officers from a local animal control center captured the dog, located Emerling, and cited her.

Suddenly, Jake's chewing the occasional shoe or box seems almost quaint...

(Seriously: Does anyone have an idea what would cause this kind of behavior? The article says the dog and two of Emerling's other dogs lived on the fenced property of a welding business. Doesn't sound ideal, but what would cause the dog to do this to cars?)


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