Tailer Meets Dr. Barchas for a Check-Up

 |  Nov 17th 2008  |   14 Contributions

Hi, Anders here--I'm nudging Dr. B off of his soapbox for a few minutes to jump in on the Vet Blog today because I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Barchas this past weekend for Tailer's first check-up since he arrived from Sweden.

Due to Tailer's leap of faith at 0:24 in the video, I almost posted this on Snuzzy as well, but in the end felt that, thanks to a super thorough and very informative interview with Dr. Barchas, it really needed to be posted here.

Dr. Barchas talks about common vaccines, rabies, feline Leukemia, feline HIV and microchipping, among other things. Hope you enjoy it--HUGE thanks to Dr. Barchas for making this happen.

If you can't see the video in your feed reader, you can watch it here or you can check it out on YouTube.


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