Survey Finds 8% of People are Potential Psychopaths

 |  Nov 17th 2009  |   7 Contributions

Wrapping cats in duct tape is, for reasons I cannot fathom, a relatively common practice among deranged lunatics. In the last year I have treated two cats who suffered this form of abuse.

Therefore, when Dr. Jennifer Schori (who earned a bit of notoriety on the Vet Blog when she discussed unauthorized autopsies on pets) wrote about a news story involving a cat wrapped in duct tape, I wasn't that surprised.

However, as I read the post on her blog, I came to an alarming statistic: 8% of the people who responded to an online poll about the story thought the incident was funny.

The link between animal abuse and violence against people (progressing all the way to serial killing) is well established. With 8% of the population responding to the story in that manner, it may be time to buy an additional lock for the front door.

Photo: Myk Dowling


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