Some of Vick Dogs Joining Rescued Dogster at Best Friends

 |  Dec 10th 2007  |   2 Contributions


Thanks to Lena Malik for barking in this news that some of the Vick dogs will be joining a rescued Dogster at Best Friends Rescue.

Lena Malik wrote:

Howllo Joy, thought you'd like to know this good news.

Judge Henry Hudson of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia has approved a recommendation by a guardian/special master appointed by the court that 22 of the 48 American pit bull terriers connected with the Michael Vick civil forfeiture action be placed with Best Friends Animal Society. Others will be divided amongst smaller orgs.(More info at this link).


Best Friends Animal Society is the largest no kill shelter in the US. They also saved the life of one of dogster's own "Kiddo",an elderly dog who lost her human and was set out in the cold winter of Utah, being a whippet lab mix of 13 yrs. of age they saved her not a moment too soon and she is recovering at their sanctuary.

Wishing you and yours a safe & happy howliday season!Husky hugs, Lena Malik


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