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A member just made a remark concerning the political posts, stating that “We are for the love of dog”.

I can’t think of a more perfect sentiment about how we feel at Dogster. So let’s get back to the dogs, shall we?

Snoopy, has finally found a home, and not atop his doghouse. He’s an adorable 6 year old terrier mix who gets around thanks to a special wheelchair.

Due to an accident when he was just a puppy he was brought to a veterinary clinic and never left. That is, until his new owner Marjan Sipsma adopted him two years ago. She thought he would be a great playmate for her other four dogs.

Sipsma felt Snoopy deserved to enjoy a quality dog’s life: to be able to walk, run and play. Her research led her to finding a squad cart “wheelchair” for him.

“It’s not available here. I ordered from Malaysia, online from the United States after taking Snoopy’s measurements.

“I also ordered shoes for him as he has a tendency to walk on his knuckles and it would scrape and hurt his forelegs,” she said.

You’ve got to love this lady. A wheelchair and some snazzy shoes, does it get any better than that?