Slide Show: Dogster's Beautiful Senior Dogs

 |  May 10th 2010  |   23 Contributions

As promised, here is the slide show that brings together all of the soulful, wise dogs who entered Dogster's Senior Dog Photo and Story Contest. (For anyone who missed it, the entries ran every day last week.) The tech guru who was going to create a slide show was unable to, so I worked doggedly putting this together myself over the weekend, with my nearly 8-year-old Jake curled up at my feet. "Why am I not in the slide show or contest?" he opined. I tried to explain that it wouldn't be fair if the blogger's dog were part of a competition. But by the time I was done talking about ethics, he was fast asleep.

I really hope you enjoy it. The winner of the contest will be chosen at random later today. (We have dozens of little strips of paper, each with a dog's name, in a big bowl. One will be fished out soon.) I am so grateful I don't have to judge who wins. It would be impossible, with so many beautiful dogs with such deeply touching stories. Stay tuned!


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