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Cataracts Helped Spunky the Senior Dog Find a New Home

His chances for adoption were slim, until he met a woman who also has cataracts. See the video.

 |  Aug 22nd 2013  |   0 Contributions

Spunky has a zest for adventure despite his limitations. At 15 years old, Spunky is an Affenpinscher senior but with puppy energy. It was surprising to find out that he was nearly blind in both eyes, considering how much curiosity he has. Being an older blind dog, his chance at getting adopted was slim. Unless, of course, he found the perfect owner.

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Spunky was a favorite at the Lange Foundation. An adorable ball of fluff who loves walks and cuddling, occasionally he would bump into a wall or furniture, a clear indicator that he was struggling to see. Spunky’s sight suffered because of his cataracts; in one eye he had limited vision, and in the other he was completely blind.

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The Lange Foundation did not know much of Spunky’s life history, but they could help with his future. They set him up to have cataract surgery. Dr. Michael Chang, at the VCA Animal Hospital in West Los Angeles, performed the surgery and removed Spunky’s cataracts. When Spunky awoke after surgery, it was the first time he could see clearly in a long time.

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After Spunky’s cataract surgery was a success, it was time to find him a forever home. Michelle was looking for a small senior dog and Spunky had caught her eye online. When she went to visit him and learned that he had cataracts, she knew that he was the dog for her. As it turns out, Michelle has cataracts in her eyes and she is waiting to have the same surgery as Spunky. They were a match made in heaven and Michelle knew she had to have him. Now Spunky and Michelle, despite having sight problems, guide each other through life.

To learn more or to donate go to The Lange Foundation, and don’t forget to like the group on Facebook

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