Scott's Idol

 |  May 12th 2009  |   5 Contributions

American Idol castoff Scott MacIntyre has a new idol, Paula Abdul. MacIntyre may not have made it into the final three but he's about to receive something even better than being named the next American Idol.

The singer who got booted from the show five weeks ago is visually challenged, although not completely blind.Thanks to the generosity of Abdul he is going to receive a guide dog.

Scott walked-or "test drove" as he joked-two of the organization's Labrador retrievers on Friday, but he won't get his dog until after the American Idol tour ends on Sept. 15. At that time, he'll get matched up with the right pooch for him and go through a 28-day training process. "We have to find a dog that really likes loud music," joked Paula.

Scott, who was lured to the event under the false pretense that he was there to sing, was quite surprised to learn the truth...

"Are you serious? Thank you so much," Scott told Paula at the event, which was in honor of May being National Guide Dog Month and cosponsored by Natural Balance Pet Foods and Petco.

Watch the clip of Paula and Scott now--

What a great gesture on the part of Paula Abdul.

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