Scissors and Pets Don't Mix, Part Two

 |  Feb 26th 2009  |   4 Contributions

Last night a colleague told me about a recent case.

My colleague's client has a long haired cat. The cat had been suffering from diarrhea, and his hindquarters became soiled. His owner was cleaning his hind end when she noticed two lumps below his anus. The lumps looked like feces matted in his hair.

Using a wash rag, the cat's owner tried to pull the lumps off, but they were too firmly attached. What's more, the cat seriously resented her efforts.

Undaunted, the client enlisted her husband to hold the cat. She could not tolerate the idea of feces stuck to the cat's hindquarters, so she grabbed some scissors and resolved to cut the lumps off.

As it turns out, her husband lacked the werewithal to restrain the cat. The cat jumped out of his grasp. And it is a good thing that he did!

The cat's owner took him to my colleague to deal with the matter. It turned out that the lumps did not consist of feces matted to the hair. The lumps were the cat's testicles.

Scissors and pets simply don't mix.

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