Russian President Putin Wants GPS-type Locator for Labrador Retriever Connie

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Thanks to Sify News for this article.

Putin wants to buy GPS device for his dog
Thursday, 27 December , 2007

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his desire to buy for his pet dog a device linked to the Russian navigation satellite device Glonass.

Glonass, the Russian equivalent of the Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation system, was launched in 1993 but it suffered technical snags and failed to serve the purpose. In 2001, India helped in updating the system.

A new device linked to Glonass will be on sale this week and a similar device for pets will be launched next year, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday during a presidential briefing.

Responding to Lavrov's briefing, Putin said, "I'll be able to buy one for my dog, Connie, so that she doesn't run away."

Connie gained fame in 2005 after a book on the black Labrador's adventures was published for children.

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