Roy Rogers' Dog, Bullet, Auctioned for $35k

 |  Jul 16th 2010  |   0 Contributions


After 40 years in a stuffy museum with his favorite equine at his side, it's happy trails for Bullet the Wonder Dog, the faithful friend of Roy Rogers. The taxidermed dog sold at a NYC auction of 1,000 items that belonged to the TV cowboy. Trigger, Rogers' famed horse, sold for a whinny-worthy $266,000, according to an AP story.

The horse and dog will s00m resurrect their TV career together. The buyer of both animals is rural cable company RFD-TV, which plans to air old Roy Rogers movies starting this fall. Rogers' son, Roy Rogers Jr., will introduce each film, with Bullet and Trigger behind him. Judging by the photo below, they look pretty good for all their years. At least the dog and horse do. We haven't seen Roy Jr. (The human in the photo below is not stuffed, in case that macabre thought crossed your mind. He was a costumed doorman at Christie's auction house.)

Roy Rogers Auction


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