Robert Downey Jr. to Voice Mr. Peabody

 |  Jan 18th 2011  |   0 Contributions

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Robert Downey Jr., who will portray the voice of Mr. Peabody, almost looks like the genius dog in this photo

Here's some good trivia to bring up for your next foray to the dog park: Robert Downey Jr., one of this blogger's favorite actors, has just signed on to voice genius dog Mr. Peabody in the upcoming computer-animated 3-D Dreamworks movie, "Peabody and Sherman." Apparently Dreamworks is creating Peabody so he bears a striking resemblance to Downey. It sounds like fun, especially since I'm also a fan of the bespectacled Mr. Peabody.

But we'll have to wait a while to see this flick: According to Inside Movies, it won't be released until 2014. Where's a good WABAC (or WAYAHEAD) machine when you need one?

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