Purr...fect Cat Fence

 |  Sep 23rd 2007  |   0 Contributions

Is it possible, a fence that keeps in CATS?!?!? Wow!

Thanks to the Animal Protection Institute for putting me onto the Purr...fect Fence. And if you buy a Purr...fect Fence through API, you help support the API mission of protecting animals. Talk about win-win!

Here's how the Purr...fect Fence site says about their product:

What exactly is a Purr...fect Cat Fence Enclosure?

Purrfect Cat Fence is the first complete, free-standing, backyard fence enclosure for cats. Now any cat can safely enjoy all the benefits of the great outdoors, without you worrying about their safety.

If you've tried the Purr...fect Fence, please meow in and tell us about your experience with this product.


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