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Get Mixed Up With These Precious Puggle Puppy Pictures!

As designer dogs, Puggle puppies may be problematic, but these 10 pictures are pleasing!

 |  Jun 17th 2014  |   2 Contributions

Wally Conron, the creator of the Labradoodle, has gone on record recently, repentant for having initiated the designer dog craze. Though his intentions were pure, the success of the Labradoodle opened the floodgates for all manner of puppy Oppenheimers and canine Frankensteins over the last few decades. Puggle puppies are the result of one such breeding program, and are one of the most popular mixed breeds.

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Puggle puppies may be designer dogs, but that doesn't make them less loveable. Posted by regressi-n on Tumblr.

Let us consider the Puggle

You may think that Puggle puppies are the misbegotten spawn of lecherous Beagles and wayward Pugs, or vice versa. For my own part, I wince when I think of this odd union actually taking place, but can we blame Puggle puppies for existing? The fact is, if you put cute puppies or even pictures of puppies in front of me, I’m going to start shrieking like a tween at a Justin Bieber show.

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Benji the Puggle puppy, trying on a little hat. Photo by Meagan Columbia on Tumblr.

Puggle puppies need to be loved, just like everybody else does

I was curious about Puggle puppies, so I thought I would gather a bunch together and present them to you, gentle readers. A Pug and a Beagle may be strange bedfellows, but here we have a pair of best pals; one a Puggle puppy, the other a Doxipin. Together they hunker down to watch television.

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A Puggle puppy and pal, a Doxipin, snuggle together to watch television. Photo by puggleparty on Instagram.

Here’s another unlikely pair of puppy pals. At the top of the photo, we see a Puggle puppy, and, just below, the Puggle’s buddy, a Chug -- part Pug, part Chihuahua. I admit, I have trouble writing these portmanteau-style designations without laughing or shaking my head, but they are adorable dogs.

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A Puggle and a Chug: puppy pals with portmanteau names. Photo by Nicole Valentino on Instagram.

Playful Puggle puppies

One drawback to designer dogs is that in the process of uniting the best parts of two dog breeds, breeders also run the risk of compounding genetic and health issues. Where Puggle puppies are concerned, this includes bringing the high energy of the Beagle with breathing problems in Pugs. That's why it's essential to keep Puggle puppies active from puppyhood, to minimize the effects that excess weight can have on their respiratory system.

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Puggle puppies love and need to play to ensure a strong respiratory system and mitigate breathing problems from the Pug side of their genetic makeup. Photo by lexiwalz on Instagram.

Since their debut in the 1980s, Puggle puppies have spread all over North America, from living rooms to backyards to the beaches. Here's a happy Puggle puppy holding it down for the wave riders, styling and profiling with his owner's collection of surfboards. Note how the Puggle puppy's stature and girth announce his Pug lineage while the longer muzzle and tail speak to his Beagle heritage.

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This Puggle puppy is a seasoned beachcomber. Posted by showusyourquiver on Tumblr.

Because of their strange mix of breed characteristics, no two Puggle puppies are ever exactly alike. That covers everything from coat coloration and nose length to general temperament. Some things that Puggle puppies have in common with all other kinds of puppies, though, include their need for affection, devotion to their owners, and need for physical activity and engagement. Here's a Puggle puppy doing what puppies do best, regardless of breed: enjoying a frolic outside!

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A sunny day and an open field are a recipe for delight among all dog breeds. Puggle Dog Designer Dog Mops and Beagle by Shutterstock.

Snack time with Puggle puppies!

Both Pugs and Beagles are prone to excessive weight gain, so Puggle puppies' diets should closely monitored and their meals judiciously measured out to keep Puggles at their healthiest. While dogs have a variety of tolerances to dairy products, this Puggle puppy's treat is ice cream and dog biscuits! Even I think it looks delicious.

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Here's a Puggle puppy enjoying a treat of ice cream and dog biscuits! "Went to get the pup some ice cream today!", posted by Alexis Burns on Tumblr.

Puggle puppies' desire for ice cream may vary from dog to dog, but it's widely acknowledged that, in moderate portions, yogurt is a safe treat for all sorts of dogs. It encourages good digestion and can help out with the occasional upset stomach. This Puggle puppy is clearly sucking the marrow from the bones of this yogurt cup!

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This adorable Puggle puppy is having a bit of yogurt. Photo by Mike Cace on Tumblr.

This Puggle puppy, Emma, is having a proper hamburger with all the fixings. That's a treat I can fully appreciate ... wait a second! That's no hamburger! That's a cleverly designed squeak toy! Probably for the best, since some of the traditional hamburger accoutrements, including onions and tomatoes, are not usually recommended for canine consumption. Squeak toys, on the other hand, are universally a fun distraction for Puggle puppies.

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What kind of puppy doesn't like a good squeak toy? "Cheeseburger for breakfast - I do what I want", by Emma Jane Jackson on Tumblr.

What's your perspective on Puggle puppies?

There's no question that these pictures of Puggle puppies illustrate the pleasures and joys that their owners derive from living with them. No matter where you stand on the complex issues involved with designer dogs, isn't that the point of cute puppy pictures? That said, of course, Puggle puppies are a mercurial lot. Aside from the requirement of a purebred Pug and Beagle parentage, it's difficult to predict or assess what a given Puggle's life will bring.

Do you own a Puggle? Share your experiences in the comments!

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