Prevent a Trip to the Vet: Animal Fights

 |  Oct 7th 2008  |   8 Contributions

Nobody enjoys spending their day at the veterinary emergency room. Over the next few weeks, I will offer several tips that will help your pet avoid unnecessary veterinary visits.

Animal fights are a leading cause of veterinary visits. Animal fights are largely preventable.

Dog fights may lead to lacerations (cuts), broken bones, broken teeth, dislocated joints and life-threatening internal injuries. Cat fights result in puncture wounds, infections and abscesses. FIV (feline AIDS) is spread by fighting.

Although there are exceptions, the majority of dog fights occur when unfamiliar dogs encounter each other off leash. The simplest way to prevent fights among canine companions is to keep them on leash, especially when they are meeting new dogs.

Although most dogs enjoy off-leash activity, remember that time spent off leash can be dangerous. I am amazed by people who set their dog loose in unfamiliar circumstances and then act surprised when their dog gets into a fight.

Before you remove your dog's leash, get to know the other dogs playing in the area. It is also important to acquaint yourself with the people who are with those dogs. Are they responsible? Have they properly socialized their dogs? Do their dogs obey commands? Does yours? If you fail to perform due diligence, your dog is at increased risk of being injured in a dog fight.

Cat fights are even more preventable than dog fights. Virtually 100% of serious cat fights occur outdoors. Cats that live together may squabble, but they almost never engage in injury-provoking fights.

If you keep your cat inside he will not get into fights and you will avoid unnecessary trips to the vet. It's that simple.


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