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Portable Cuteness: A USB Hub That Resembles a Poodle!

This adorable poodle-shaped USB hub makes using multiple plug-in devices a snap! And oh, did we mention that it's adorable?

 |  Apr 20th 2012  |   4 Contributions

You know the story: You go out with your laptop to work at your favorite cafe, you plug in your mouse, your cellphone charger, your portable external hard drive, and your -- wait! There are no more USB ports! You shake your fists in fury and weep in agony!

If only you had just one more USB port, your portable electronic life would be complete!

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The perfect solution! Now you can plug everything in!

Never fear! Your Poodle-shaped USB hub is here!

With four USB 2.0 port paws and an eye that lights up when in use, this device is as utilitarian as it is cute, making it a totally justified purchase!

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It's like having a pet friend with you wherever you go!

So cute! We love it!

Via Laughing Squid


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