Please Help Prevent California's Veterinary Service Tax

 |  Jan 21st 2009  |   9 Contributions

In November I discussed Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger's proposal to levy a sales tax on veterinary services in California. It will come as no surprise that few in the veterinary community support the idea. Although I am very troubled by my state's severe budget crisis, I am not in favor of singling out people with pets to pick up the slack.

The California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) recently sent an e-mail to members describing steps we can take to oppose the tax. The organization suggested that people call the governor's office to register their opposition to the new tax. The CVMA was kind enough to include simple directions to facilitate the process. Here they are.

* Call the Governor's office at 916-445-2841.
* Select your language choice.
* Press "5" to leave your opinion on a current issue.
* Press "1" to select the issue of extending the sales tax to veterinary services.
* Press "2" to "oppose" the Veterinary Services Tax proposal.

If you, like me, feel that veterinary services should not be singled out for state sales tax, I urge you to call the governor.


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