Pikeville County, Kentucky Puppies Find Homes or Else

 |  Feb 17th 2007  |   1 Contribution


Thanks Sawyer for barking this in! BTW Dogsters, Sawyer is looking for a furever home too!

Hi Joy,

I saw this urgent message on another forum we frequent! Puppies in a Pikeville County, Kentucky shelter are in urgent need of rescuing or else they face being PTS. It is even more urgent that the shelter sees SOME sort of interest because they can euthanize these pups at any time to make way for more dogs coming into the crowded shelter. Sad but very true, yet they CAN be helped!

This is the message from the other forum:

"Pikeville, KY: Puppies Galore "Take Your Pick"

Pikeville County Puppies.bmp

This group has gotten no interest. Time is up, can be euthanized any time! Transport Help Available!

The Pikeville Ky. Shelter is FILLING UP FAST!! Please just take a look at some of the PUPPIES.....

Transport help is available. Reply to and contact the shelter for more information... address is below....AND PLEASE CROSS POST!!

Pike County Animal Shelter
Pikeville, KY.
606- 432- 6293

These are just innocent little puppies! Is there some Dogster out there who can help them? :( I have pictures of the cuties on my page.



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