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Pharrell Williams' "Happy" Gets Video Treatment by Stars of "Life in the Dog House"

The TV show dogs rename the song "Yappy."

 |  Jan 17th 2014  |   0 Contributions

What's better than watching eight rescue dogs frolic around a house together in joyous unison? How about having eight rescue dogs re-create Pharrell Williams' song "Happy" and renaming it "Yappy"!

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That's exactly what Chris and Mariesa from the reality TV show Life In The Doghouse did. (We checked in with them back in October of last year.) Naturally, the results are available to enjoy on YouTube.

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Along with switching the title of the track to "Yappy," the song's lyrics have been given a canny canine twist to now include pro-rescue sentiments and poetical declarations including, "Bark along if you feel like you just gotta woof/ Bark along if you feel like belly rubs are the truth."

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Highlights of the feel-good flick include Stig looking dapper in a straw Panama hat, Big Moe dressed in his chef's outfit, and a scene where colorful balloons fill up a dog-packed room to rambunctious reaction. (Be warned though: Those with sensitive eyes should gloss over Chris' own take on the ancient art of dancing.)

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Enjoy the footage below -- and feel free to entice your own pooch pal to boogie along.


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