Peanut the Dog Saves Owner From Fire

 |  Dec 14th 2010  |   4 Contributions

Talk about a close call. By the time clever and brave Peanut managed to wake up his owner by barking and jumping around, they had seconds to escape before the bedroom ceiling started raining down embers over the bed. The ceiling collapsed shortly thereafter.

Good, good dog, Peanut! Teresa Brown is so grateful for having survived that she seems to have a very can-do attitude about having to begin again with no possessions, no home, and no insurance to replace any material goods.

"It will be an adventure figuring out how we are going to start over and where it's going to take us," said Brown, who has four adult sons, many church friends, and of course, her little hero, Peanut.

(A big thanks to Dogster's dedicated and wonderful content manager, Janine Kahn, for bringing this story to my attention. ;) )


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