Pandemic Set to Strike the Pets of California

 |  Apr 28th 2009  |   6 Contributions

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Fortunately, dogs and cats purportedly can't contract the current strain of swine flu that is all over the news. But over the last several days I have been watching the foxtails dry up around my neighborhood. And at work I have been removing foxtails in droves.

Foxtails are dried plant seeds. In areas where they occur they are public menace number one for dogs and outdoor cats. They lodge in eyes, ears, and the skin between the toes. They can be sniffed up noses and get caught behind tonsils.

Wherever they end up, foxtails cause irritation and discomfort. Also, they can migrate through the body to cause serious infections in distant sites such as the heart and lungs.

Be aware of foxtails, and do your best to keep your pet away from them.

Photo: this plant wants to hurt your pet. Courtesy of Dog Owner's Guide to California Foxtails.


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