Operation Doggy Drop at House of Blues in Los Angeles and Why Celebrities Love Dogs

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Thanks to LATimes.com for this news! This event sounds like a definite to-do for any fun-loving Los Angeles area Dogsters!

Showbiz 7's: Why celebs love dogs
An animal rescue pro gives his reasons.
By Deborah Netburn, Times Staff Writer

Marc Rosen is one of those seasoned Hollywood professionals. He's currently an executive producer at Heyday Films, a division of Warner Brothers, where he worked on "Harry Potter" and "Threshold." Before that he ran Landscape Films and Lynda Obst Productions where he worked on "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days" and "The Siege." He is also a seasoned animal rescuer having fostered over 200 animals in the last several years. On December 1st he is sponsoring Operation Doggy Drop, a benefit for the animals that made it through Katrina. Several B-list celebrities have already RSVPd including Jessica Biel, Christina Applegate, Peter Dinklage and Sinbad, which led us to pose the question: Why do celebrities love dogs?

Here Rosen provides some answers.

    They make the best fashion accessories.

    They won't sell photos of you to the paparazzi. (Or release tapes of youon YouTube!)

    Poo disposal is humbling for anyone.

    They love you even when the critics don't.

    You can kiss them all you want (within reason) without it making the magazines.

    They won't sue if you embarrass them on reality shows.

    When you come home at the end of the day, whether that is a hotel room or a mansion or a trailer, they make it feel like home.

Operation Doggy Drop will take place at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard at 7 PM. www.operationdoggydrop.com for more information.


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