Nowzad Dogs -- Saving Dogs in Afghanistan

 |  Aug 16th 2007  |   2 Contributions


Dogs in Afghanistan have little chance for love and care. But some lovely British dog lovers are working to help as many of these abandoned and abused dogs as possible. Nowzad Dogs is an organization that reaches some of the most forgotten of our furfriends.

Here's more about Nowzad Dogs from its site:

Southern Afghanistan, in the desert town of Nowzad, during late 2006, we adopted several stray dogs that had been abandoned by their owners. The choice of leaving them to fend for themselves was not an option, they were scared, lonely and in a poor state of health. We named them "Nowzad", "Jena", "RPG", "AK", "Tali", "Dushka" and "Patches".

A few of us banded together and formed the Nowzad Dogs Charity (Registered Charity Number 1119185), a group of like-minded dog owners, dedicated to rescuing the dogs that became our companions for the 3 months we spent in the small town facing the daily threat of attack.

An Afghan dog's life is not one of comfort at the best of times; most of the day is spent hunting for scraps of food or hiding from the blisteringly hot desert sun for most of the year. There is no pampered pet status in Afghanistan.

Nowzad Dogs is their story - it is sad, it is sometimes happy, but more importantly, it is still ongoing and always will be - please click here to read more. So far and with a lot of help from our friends at the Mayhew Animal Home in London (please see the link below), we have managed to rescue "Jena", "Nowzad" and "Tali" to safety in the US and UK, however, we still have to raise funds to pay for the travel and quarantine costs for the two remaining Nowzad pups. We realise we can not bring all the stray dogs of Afghanistan back to the UK but we can help to fund the vital work of the Afghan rescue by helping them with their educational programme for children, free neutering programme for stray dogs and cats bought into the rescue and to help with the further welfare and local re-homing of rescued animals.


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