Norwegian Millionaire Uses Helicopter to Look for Two Lost English Setters

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It doesn't matter how much money you have when your furbaby goes missing; its one of the worst feelings. Here's hoping that Ole finds Perdita soon.

Thanks to Afterposten for this article.

Millionaire used helicopter to search for missing dogs

A wealthy Norwegian financier contacted a psychic and received special permission to fly low over the mountains in his desperate search for two beloved pets.


Multi-millionaire Ole T Bjrnevik was out with his two English Setters, Perdita and her puppy Mira, on Friday counting grouse for the upcoming hunting season when the dogs disappeared.

Bjrnevik has spent every day since then flying low in his own private helicopter over the mountains of Merker, in Nord-Trondelag County, searching for the dogs. He also contacted psychics, seeking their views on where the dogs might be.

The puppy Mira showed up on her own accord on Tuesday, near the spot where Bjrnevik had set off with his dogs. It was a happy reunion, but Mira's mother remained missing as of Wednesday.

"That's a bad sign, for the pup to return without its mother," Bjrnevik's hunting partner Kaare Gisvold told "It means something may have happened to the mother."

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