Northern California Shiva Missing After Walking Partner Hit by Car

 |  Jan 26th 2007  |   0 Contributions

Dogsters are everywhere and always so good to help when they can! Has anyone seen this missing furbaby?

This plea for help first appeared on Gary Bogue's blog for the Contra Costa Times.

Grandpa hit by car, pet dog flees and is now missing
I just received this note. If you can help, please do.

"My elderly dad was walking with our dog, Shiva (they're walking partners) last Friday, Jan. 12, when he was hit by a car in the crosswalk at the intersection of San Pablo Avenue and Appian Way here in Pinole. Luckily, my dad survived the accident and did not sustain major injuries (amazing for someone his age, 82+, and slight build).

"The accident freaked out and traumatized the dog so she bolted in fear. We haven't seen her since. She's 4+ years old, a very sweet and gentle creature. She's a basenji-German shepherd mix with a smooth short coat and thin tail. She's all black except for smudges of tan on her muzzle, paws, and dots above her eyes. (She looks like a black bear cub.) She is on medication, too, so were desperate to find her.

"When she fled, she was wearing a red collar with silver paw prints, a steel bone-shaped ID tag, a purple harness and a red retractable leash.

"We adopted her just over a month ago to replace our dog who suddenly died from meningitis last November, so we're pretty devastated by this back-to-back loss. We're offering a good cash reward for her return. If you can help us, our family would be forever grateful to you. You have no idea what boundless joy you will bring to our family if we're reunited with Shiva.

"Cheryl (Cheers), Brian, and Russ -- Shiva's parents and grandpa -- 510-724-4080 (home, Pinole)"


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