New York Radio Z100 Bleeps Michael Vick's Name Out of Hip Hop Song

 |  Sep 2nd 2007  |   0 Contributions


This is good news but I wonder what happened to make Z100 bleep Vick. If anyone knows more about this or has noticed radio stations elsewhere bleeping Vick, please bark in.

Thanks to Julianne, Lola's mom, for barking in this news.

Hey Joy!
It's Julianne, Lola's mom. I experienced something very interesting while listening to one of my favorite radio stations (Z100 -- NYC) in the car last night.

MICHAEL VICK's name, which is referenced in a new and popular hip hop song was bleeped/silenced OUT!

The song "Sexy Lady" by Yung Berg was playing and there is a lyric "..when I throw it deep like Michael Vick" that has definitely been played in its entirety on the station before (and my Ipod haha) -- but last night just when I knew the lyric was coming (I cringe hehe) the words MICHAEL VICK were silenced out like a curse word!

I was hysterical.. my boyfriend looked at me like I was crazy but it was a proud moment for dog lovers everywhere -- even the ones who didn't know it had happened!


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