New Celebrity Dogsters -- Meet Nevada and His Tennessee Pack!

 |  Apr 28th 2007  |   1 Contribution


A couple of weeks ago I blogged about a very talented performing pack in a beautiful part of Tennessee. The performing pack decided to join Dogster and one of their number, Nevada, barked in to say hi and let everyone know where they can catch up with their fellow Dogsters and his family.

Here's a link to that original post:
Dog Stars and Dog Visitors Welcome in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Hi Joy..
I just wanted to thank you for the blog you did on us on April 14. I work at the Comedy Barn with 8 of my fur family (there are two that stay and home and are couch potatos!) I have a big family of 11 but mom and dad give us all indivdual attention.

We all thought it was so sweet of you to mention us, as we love to work and love to bring smiles to peoples faces (we love to kiss those faces too!)

We joined Dogster because of your blog that someone sent us!

We also wanted to let you know about another blog worthy place that we are going to in a couple weeks. Four Paws Kingdom campground is one of the dog friendliest places we have traveled to. We are doing a show and trick class there on May 5th. You can see more about them at

We will be busy the week after that traveling to schools doing shows about pet responsibility and bite prevention. One of the things we love doing each year in honor of Be Kind To Animals Week and Bite Prevention week.

Once again, thank you for your wonderful blog on my family!
Nevada and his fur family (and humans too!)


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