Mystery Dog Races Down Runway, Takes Off

 |  Oct 8th 2010  |   23 Contributions

A mystery dog ran down the runway of Burbank's Bob Hope Airport Thursday morning, through airport fields, and finally off airport property.

"He was like a bullet. The incident lasted 10 minutes, maybe less," airport spokeswoman Lucy Burghdorf told the Glendale News-Press. No flights were delayed, but the dog did cause an Alaska Airlines pilot to pause the plane momentarily.

An Alaska Airlines pilot had to slow down his taxiing plane when the dog dashed across the runway.

The KTLA live video above (watch it full screen for best view) shows an unbelievably fast-moving animal dashing around airport grounds. It looks more like a fox than a dog to me. But foxes aren't black. (Maybe it was a Goth fox? Nah, probably not.) Dogsters, what kind of dog do you think this is? Have you ever seen a dog run so fast for such a long period if he wasn't on a racetrack? What could his story be? I'm really interested in your ideas. At first I thought he was just scared of the news helicopter, but he was running around before it got there, so that's probably not the answer.

Sady, the poor guy was not seen after he ran off property. I'll let you know if I find out anything more. I hope he simply escaped his yard, and is now safe back at home, telling his dog friends about his big, exciting adventure at the airport.


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