Motorized Bubble Mouse Toy for Cats

 |  Jun 29th 2007  |   2 Contributions


Many of my friends with cats are always asking me to be on the lookout for new toys that will entertain their cat babies. I have found one I bet the cats will love! has the Motorized Bubble Mouse that you can turn on and leave to roll around the house. It is stuffed with catnip and you use it inside the plastic bubble so it rolls around or you can take it out of the bubble and let the battery-operated mouse trundle across the floor. How cool! I hope my sister-in-law's cats don't read this because I may just have to get them one for the Holidays!

Here's what the site says about the Motorized Bubble Mouse:

Has your cat finally met its match? The Motorized Bubble Mouse is an interactive toy loaded with irresistible catnip--just turn the mouse on and watch as it moves the ball around. The Bubble Mouse deflects off surfaces and corners to keep on moving, and it's perfect for catch and chase games.


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