Mixed News from Mason County, West Virginia Shelter

 |  Aug 15th 2007  |   1 Contribution

You may remember I posted a few weeks ago about the Mason County Shelter in West Virginia needing to immediately find homes for their dogs and cats because the city "fathers" had decided to turn the shelter into a kill shelter after a certain date. Well, thanks to many wonderful people around the country, the Mason County Shelter has found homes for 54 cats and all but 18 of the original 250 dogs they had.

But time is almost up and there are 18 more dogs left.

Thanks to Liz for barking in this update from Best Friends Network.

Update: Deadline is Nearing for County Takeover of No Kill West Virginia Animal Shelter; Please Help Now!

August 4, 2007
Update August 14, 2007

Thanks to the outpouring of support from all over the country, all but about 18 dogs have been placed. 18 out of nearly 250. Not to mention the 54 cats that found homes too.

A Forever Home took more than 40 animals though that number increased yesterday when 2 pregnant dogs gave birth! (Everyone is fine). If you can help A Forever Home with vetting and care or placement, please visit their web site. Their wonderful staff has also helped with cleaning, transportation and placement.

The horse rescue community also stepped up. In fact, one horse rescuer adopted several dogs today. These dogs will soon romp with her other dogs on her large horse farm not far from Mason County.

People have come from all over to help clean and care for the animals. Many took dogs back to their communities.

Transporters from all over the country have offered help in arranging transports, one as far away as Vermillion, South Dakota.

The dogs left are still available for adoption. We want to place them all in their forever homes before the county takes over on Saturday and begins operation of a kill shelter. If you can help with placement or are interested in adopting an animal from the shelter, e-mail Angela Roach, the director, at adroach@access.k12.wv.us or iwillhelpnow@yahoo.com, or visit the website on Petfinder.

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