Minnesota Labrador Retriever Dobie Leads by Example to Those with Disabilities

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What a wonderful dog!!! Big barks for Dobie!

Thanks to WCCO.com for this article.

Dobie The Lab: Abandoned Puppy Becomes Therapy Dog
Reporting Lisa Kiava

WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. (WCCO) Dobie the Labrador retriever touched the hearts of many and now he has found a new career after winning the fight for his life.

Dobie's story began at a parking ramp in Golden Valley. When Dobie was a puppy, someone threw him from the ramp to the ground below.

Hip surgery was paid for by donations so was his underwater treadmill therapy. The injured stray was adopted by caring owners.

"There are no hip joints there so when you see him go down the hall there's not hips but he does really well," said his owner.

A dog with a disability helps people who can relate to him.

Every week, Dobie visits people with severe disabilities.

A man, who can't speak, uses a device to play with Dobie. He hits a large button that sets off a recording that says, "Dobie sit, good dog."

There are lots of smiles when Dobie visits Phoenix Alternatives in White Bear Lake. Hands that are stiffened from disability will open for this pooch.

Another young man takes off his shoes because he can't use his hands to pet Dobie.

"He loves having his ears scratched," said Rich, his owner.

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