Mickey Rourke Plans to Protest Outside Florida Pet Shop That Sold Him Sick Puppy

 |  Feb 2nd 2007  |   10 Contributions

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Thanks to India ENews for this update on the Rourke case against an upscale dog shop. Follow this link to see the original post on this story.

If any Dogsters know more about this protest, please bark in!

Rourke to protest outside pet shop

'Sin City' actor Mickey Rourke was angry at a pet store because he bought a puppy from the shop for his girlfriend and it died a few weeks later.

Now Rourke, who is an animal rights activist and a member of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), is targeting the pet store and planning to hold a protest outside the store.

Newsweek.com quotes a source who said: 'The animals who wind up in pet stores are often so inbred and sickly that they break your heart as you come to love them and watch them die.'

Rourke, in an email, said: 'This shop should be closed down, and as I have learned from my friends at PETA, pet shops across the country often sell sick animals. So, the message I've learned really well here is to only adopt animals from a shelter, never buy them from a shop.'


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