Meringue Monday

 |  Sep 27th 2010  |   7 Contributions

Here's a little something that should help get your work week off to a happy start. This is the same dog we featured dancing the meringue earlier this year, but this time she has taken to a parking lot with her dance partner. The downgrade from TV stage to parking lot does not seem to have dampened her spirits. She looks just as happy as ever. It really seems like she loves what she's doing. The joy shines through.

May you find some joy in your work today. If it's not right there on the surface, dig a little and you might be able to find something. And if not, just put on this video and dance along when your workmates aren't around. I guarantee you'll feel a little more optimistic about your day. :)

(A big thank-you to Husky-Shepherd Gang for alerting me to this video. And best of luck to Sabana, the dog they rescued from death's door, with wishes for a quick recovery for her eye operation.)

Update: austindogandcat just informed us that the dancing duo appeared on David Letterman the other night. (Thanks, guys!) This clip doesn't really show off what the dancers can do, but it's nice to see they're equally at home in the Ed Sullivan Theater as they are in a restaurant parking lot. (Some of that joy seems to be missing, though.)



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