Meet Dennis Owens, New York City Dogs' Best Friend in

 |  Jan 21st 2008  |   1 Contribution

FetchDog's Adoption Center recently ran a video (voice over by the marvelous Mary Tyler Moore) featuring dog trainer Dennis Owens, who works at the New York City Animal Care & Control. He's personable, handsome and most importantly, totally devoted to dogs!

Check out this inside view of the life of someone who chooses to live his life to help the dogs he loves!

If a handsome, charming guy could earn a living as a realtor, a massage therapist, or even a standup comic, why would he choose to work at one of the country's busiest animal shelters? Multitalented dog trainer Dennis Owens explains why his job - behavior evaluator for New York City's Animal Care & Control - is the most rewarding work of all.

Follow this link to watch the video.


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