Martha Stewart Living Magazine Features Artists Who Paint Dogs

 |  Nov 15th 2011  |   0 Contributions

The new issue of Martha Stewart Living is spectacular as usual, but for this reader, it's an extra-special treat.
Why? Because on page66 of theholiday gift guide, the magazine recommends four artists as go-to pet portraitists and one of them happens to be my favorite artist, Martha Szabo.
You guessed it: She's also my Mom. Read more about her and her work here. (That's her in the self-portrait at right.)
Picturedbelow is the portrait she painted of Bodri, the sweet Hungarian Puli I grew up with.
As the magazine points out, Fala Roosevelt the Scottie is memorialized alongside his favorite pack leader, FDR, on the National Mall.
But you don't have to be a president's pet to achieve immortality through art anyone can commission a portrait of apet for yourselfor a friend.
What's more, a custom pet portrait makes an unforgettable, one-of-a-kindholiday gift for someone lucky on your list.
Congratulations to the other three resources for dog art that were alsosingled out for recognition by the magazine: Studio-Legohead, Noisy Dog Studio, and Anne Watkins.


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