Lost In The Hills

 |  Apr 8th 2009  |   3 Contributions

Oliver is a twelve-and-a-half year old dog who is partially deaf and had recently survived a stroke. About five weeks ago he was out for a walk with his owners when he took off.

His owners Deborah and Michael Wyton searched endlessly for him, but couldn't find him. They didn't think they would ever see their precious Oliver again, but all that changed with a phone call.

He went missing on 24 February, but was found curled up in a shed on 2 April - eight miles as the crow flies, but 44 by road, from his home in the glen.

His owner Deborah Wyton said Oliver had been very hungry and thirsty.

She said: "He is my wonder dog."

We thought he had gone off to die because 12 weeks earlier he had a stroke and the vet wasn't sure how long he would last.

The dog was discovered at a property on the opposite side of the munro Ben Fhionnlaidh.

The man who found him gave him food and water and had to clean his tag of mud to see who the owner was.

Mrs Wyton said: "I think I almost deafened the man when he told me he had found Oliver. I screamed. I was so happy."

We're also happy to hear Oliver is home safe and sound.

* Pic courtesy BBC News Channel


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