Lexi The Great Saves Neighbor

 |  Sep 12th 2008  |   3 Contributions

Lexi, a 5 year old Bichon Frise, proved just how great she is when she helped save the life of her 85 year old neighbor.

In Brooklyn, NY owner Linda Deutsch was leaving her fourth floor apartment to take Lexi for her morning walk. They were approaching the elevator when Lexi started pulling on her leash, refusing to get on.

Thinking Lexi was just being ornery, Deutsch pulled on her leash, but to no avail. Lexi just kept pulling away from her and toward Apartment 4-L.

Deutsch finally let her dog lead her there and that's when she heard Charles Postler, a deacon at nearby St. Patrick's Church, calling for help.

Deutsch called the building super, who had a key to the apartment, for help. They discovered Postler on the floor and a bit disoriented. He had been on the floor for hours, after falling earlier and not being able to get up. Postler was taken to the hospital to be evaluated and is doing well.

Postler's son was very thankful to Lexi for getting help for his dad. Deutsch is obviously very proud of her girl.

"I was mad at her the day before because I caught her drinking my coffee I left by the sofa," she said. "Today she makes me so proud. She is a hero."

Thanks to Winston's mom for sending me this story.


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