K9 Pride Blog -- Powerful and Moving Testament to Working Dogs

 |  Apr 24th 2008  |   0 Contributions

I read a lot of blogs but few of them are as raw and powerful as K9 Pride. K9 Pride is "dedicated to working dog teams protecting us worldwide." If you aren't moved by the emotional power of this blog then check your pulse; you may be dead.

K9 Pride covers all areas of dogs and dog handlers in military life but what got to me were the articles and pictures about the fallen dog handlers and their dogs. This blog is one long tearjerker! Sometimes its hard to keep reading through these stories but the silenced faces compelled me to read their stories as if it was a way to honor their commitment to their jobs, their dogs and their sacrifices.

Then there are the videos shot in Iraq and elsewhere of dog handlers and their dogs. The front line reports from war sites are chilling and guaranteed to give you a renewed respect for the dogs and handlers that wake up there every day.

There is a lighter side, too. Check out the funny police dog photos!

Big barks to Sgt. Mike Dowling, a former Marine, who edits the K9 Pride Blog!


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