Is it Necessary to Pluck my Dog's Ears?

 |  Apr 7th 2009  |   1 Contribution

When grooming a dog. Should you pluck the hair,
out of the ears of a dog, just because????

Farmington Hills, MI

Excessive hair in dogs' ears can sometimes trap moisture in the ear canal. This moisture can lead to ear infections as naturally occurring bacteria and yeast proliferate exuberantly.

Dogs that suffer from chronic ear infections may benefit from regular ear plucking.

However, I generally don't recommend routine ear plucking in dogs that don't have problems with ear infections. Plucking the ears can be painful and unpleasant for dogs. It also can lead to irritation of the ears, which may trigger the very ear infections that plucking is supposed to prevent.

I recommend that regular ear plucking be reserved for dogs with histories of recurrent ear problems.

Photo: Roxanne's ear looks fine.


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