Is it Best to Have All of My Pets Spayed at Once?

 |  Mar 31st 2008  |   0 Contributions

I have 2 female cats, that I would like to have
spayed. What I am wondering is if it is a good
idea to have them both done at once, or one at a
time? They are both 5 years old, house pets, and
were born here in our house, never separated. They
are inside cats, but their "heat cycles" always
seem to be on and off, then on again. Please
advise me what is the best to do, bring them both
in, or let one heal before the other one gets
spayed? Thank You.

Oak River, Mb. Canada

It doesn't really matter.

If both cats are spayed at the same time, they will recover at the same time. This will reduce the total recovery time. While your cats are recovering from their surgeries, they must not run or play. It will probably be easier to manage this if the surgeries are done at the same time.

What are the downsides to performing both surgeries on the same day? For some people, having both cats in the hospital could lead to worrying, hand-wringing, and loneliness. And, I suppose that a freak event, such as a fire at the veterinary hospital on the day of the surgery, could put both cats at risk. The odds of that are very low indeed!

On balance, it probably makes the most sense to spay both cats at once. But you should do whatever makes you comfortable--either choice is completely reasonable.


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