I Can't Resist any Longer. Let's Talk About the Obama Family's new Puppy.

 |  Nov 16th 2008  |   7 Contributions

I was thrilled when President-elect Obama pledged in front of the world to take a puppy to the White House. I was even more impressed when Mr. Obama stated that his family wanted to rescue a Mutt from a shelter. The Mutt is my favorite breed.

It does not surprise me that the puppy comment was one of the more famous parts of Mr. Obama's victory speech. And it has not surprised me that people and, inevitably, governments, have tried to weigh in on one of the most urgent questions of our time: exactly what sort of dog should the Obamas adopt?

The Week reports in its November 21, 2008 issue that the Peruvian government has an opinion on the matter.

A bald dog for Obama? Peru is offering the Obama family a Peruvian hairless puppy, an example of the only dog breed native to South America. Peruvian hairless dogs, or Viringos, date back 3000 years and were bred by Incan kings. They are hypoallergenic, a trait the Obamas are looking for in a dog, since daughter Malia is allergic to dog dander. The puppy . . . is a 4-month-old male nicknamed Ears.

I will be following the story of the Obama family's new puppy carefully. Regardless of the dog they choose, I am sure of one thing: Sasha and Malia (and Barack and Michelle) are going to love it.


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