Help Dog Rescues and Groups Easily By Shopping for Groceries

 |  Jan 31st 2007  |   2 Contributions


Thanks Mischief for barking in this great suggestion to President Isabel's Animal Abuse Commission!

Did you know that you can designate different charities (for example, Guide Dogs of America) to receive a percentage of your bill as donation money by using your Albertson's or Smith's card?

The great thing about this is it costs you nothing extra if you can't find it in your budget to donate to an important cause--you're helping them JUST by shopping for things you need anyway.

There are no lists of specific charities for each grocery store chain but many charities can tell you if they are a partner.

For example, Guide Dogs of America is a partner charity for Ralph's (a Smith's/Kroger chain) AND Albertson's. So pick your favorite charity and just ask them if they're part of this'll be helping someone else without even digging into your weekend money. They can either set it up for you or tell you how to connect your card to their charity.


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