Happy (Almost) New Year! What Are Your Resolutions?

 |  Dec 31st 2010  |   8 Contributions

Wow, 2010 went fast! And here were are on the eve of 2011 -- which I think will be a better year for many -- and I haven't asked the perennial question: Do you have any resolutions this year for your and/or your dog, Dogsters? (And to those of you like Pogo, on the other side of the world from San Francisco, Happy New Year! How is 2011 doing so far?)

Last year, it came to my attention that Jake was a good 10 pounds too portly. Early in 2010 he tipped the scales at nearly 100 pounds. Zounds! Even though he got plenty of exercise, the Lab pounds were piling on. The vet wanted Jake to get down to 90 pounds by the end of the year. It seemed impossible, but we made steady progress, with smaller portions and fewer snacks, and even better walks.

At our last visit, about two weeks ago, Jake weighed in at 90 pounds! Our vet was thrilled, and very proud of Jake and our family. So was I! He has more spring in his step, and the limp he was developing disappeared. I love it when resolutions work out! I have yet to figure out what this year's resolution(s) will be, but I hope they work out equally as well! And I hope yours do, too, Dogsters! Here's to a wonderful 2011!


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